Today is officially my birthday so, “Happy Birthday to me!”  It’s amazing how once you become an adult your life begins flashing before your eyes. I started chapter 30 in 2018, and thus far it has been very enjoyable. Some of my biggest blessings have come to fruition in my 30s. The top 3 being, the birth of my twins, the founding of my online and in person training business, T-Toned Fitness LLC, and learning to choose happiness no matter what.

As I continue to grow as a woman, mom, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer, my goal is to share more of my journey with you all. Thank you to my T-TONED BABES, and everyone who supports me and my brand; I’m humbled to know that I am loved and appreciated so much. 

Blessed beyond measures and forever grateful. THIS IS 32! 

I’d love to hear from you all, drop me some birthday love below. 

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